Privacy Policy

This website is operated by [print shap] and Wear committed to protecting and preserving the privacy of our customers when visiting our site or communicating electronically with us. We collect your personal information you provide to us when you access our website or purchase any of the item on our site and it is designed to keep our visitors information secure.

By using this site you are deemed to have full knowledge of and accept this privacy policy.

  1. We collect information to process your order, deal with you queries, guide and enhance your online experience and supply the information you expressed your interest and for record keeping. We are committed to protect your privacy.
  2. Site will ask for the feedback after ordering to our viewers to know how satisfied they are and so that we can overcome the defaults.

Data collected

1.While logging in our website collects name and email address. This provide us with default details for your order processing and set up security (viewing of your account details, designs and order history.

2.When you place an order we allocate you a contact number, location tracking, shipping address and credit card details to process the order. Order details are retained so you can view your order history.

3.When entering your credential details you are in communication in secure link directly to the bank no third party included.